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Thirty Things You Need To Know About Your Bible - Taos First Baptist Church

Thirty Things You Need To Know About Your Bible

Many people claim to know the Bible, but do they really know the Bible?

Beginning February 7, our Preacher will deliver a series of 30 sermons called Thirty Things You Need to Know About Your Bible If You Claim to Know Your Bible.

That’s a long title! It’s also a long series! But it will be 30 very profitable sermons of Biblical content. This series is not designed to be filled with application, so there won’t be any “Ten Steps to Financial Success” sermons. This series isn’t designed to be a doctrinal treatise, so there won’t be any “Basics of the Trinity” sermons. What this series is designed to be is a series of lessons that give you the nuts-and-bolts fundamentals of Bible knowledge.

You may be a Christian who wants to know the Bible because it is your foundational instruction book for life. You may be a seeker who is asking questions of eternal significance and wants to know what the Bible really says. You may even be a skeptic that believes the Bible is myths and legend, but you’re not sure what those supposed myths and legends really are. Whoever you are, and whatever your motivation, this teaching series will be a great learning opportunity.

Each sermon in the series will be delivered by Dr. Randy White, Pastor of Taos First Baptist Church.

If you can’t join us in person, watch the series on LiveStream. For archives, scroll down.

What are the 30 things you need to know?

  1. Creation: How did we get here?
  2. Fall: How did we get in this mess?
  3. Promise of a Redeemer: How will we get out of this mess?
  4. Flood: Starting Over
  5. Babel: The Birth of Big Government
  6. Abraham’s Promise: A New Nation
  7. The Patriarchs: Like Father, Like Son
  8. Egypt Experience: A Nation Enslaved
  9. Passover: A Nation Set Free
  10. Law: A Nation Preserved
  11. Wilderness: It’s De Ja Vu All Over Again
  12. Conquest: Home at Last!
  13. Judges: It Seems to Me…
  14. United Kingdom: Long Live the King!
  15. Divided Kingdom: Death to the King!
  16. Exile: How Can I Sing the Songs of Zion?
  17. Return to Jerusalem: Home, Sweet Home
  18. Malachi to John the Baptist: Say What?
  19. Birth of Jesus: In the Fulness of Time
  20. Life of Jesus: Born Under the Law
  21. Death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus: The Work that Saves
  22. Pentecost: The Spirit that Speaks
  23. Offer and rejection of the Kingdom: How Shall We Escape?
  24. The Age of Grace: Unbelievable, Marvelous, Amazing
  25. Rapture: Swoosh!
  26. Tribulation: Seven Years of Trouble
  27. Second Coming: Finally!
  28. Judgment: The Nations Before God
  29. Millennium: Utopia
  30. New Heaven and New Earth: Utopia, Part II

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