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The Transition from Law to Grace - Taos First Baptist Church

The Transition from Law to Grace

In the continuation of our “Understanding Dispensations” series, Session 9 will address the transition from Law to Grace.

One of the patterns of transition in Biblical dispensations is a crisis or judgment. However, between Law and Grace there was no such event. There is a specific reason why such event did not take place. Because there isn’t a clear line of distinction, there has been a vast amount of confusion about when Law ended and when Grace began.

This topic will be discussed in Session 9: The Transition from Law to Grace. Whether you’ve been part of the series from the beginning or are just getting started, you’ll be blessed by this session.

Join us in person at 6:00 PM at Taos First Baptist (in the Auditorium), or online using the viewer below. The online broadcast begins at approximately 6:15 PM (Mountain Time).