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The History of Christmas - Taos First Baptist Church

The History of Christmas

We all have favorite Christmas traditions, some related to our family, some to our community, and some to Christian society in general.

In “The History of Christmas,” Dr. Randy White is teaching the historical roots of many of these traditions.

Santa Claus, of course, is one of the biggest icons (pardon the pun) of modern American Christian celebrations. We know what Santa is today, but what are the historical roots of “jolly old Saint Nicholas?” On December 6 the series will begin with “The History of Santa Claus.”

By December 13 most Americans will have a Christmas tree, a wreath on the door, and even lights on the eaves of the roof. What are the roots of these somewhat odd practices? This is the subject of the December 13 session.

On December 20 Dr. White will ask the question, “what is pagan, what isn’t, and what should we do about it?” Should we recognize the cultural icon of Santa Claus? Should we have a Christmas tree? Should we participate in gift giving?

This series will be filled with interesting tidbits of cultural history. It is not a Bible study, but a study of our Christian practices of Christmas celebration. It will be informative, interesting, and, no doubt, somewhat controversial. Christmas traditions have become a seed-bed of controversy as we come with long-held beliefs and sweet personal memories. You may or may not agree with the conclusions, but this series will be a great source of solid information in a world of mystery, innuendo, and assumption.

Attend these sessions in-person at Taos First Baptist Church at 9:45 AM each Sunday morning from December 6-20. A worship service follows at 10:45 AM. Coffee is served, and children’s Bible study is held at the same time. The sessions will be in the main auditorium, at 220 Paseo del Pueblo Norte in Taos. If you are unable to attend in-person, or if you miss a session, watch the LiveStream broadcast or catch the archives below.