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The Dispensation of the Law - Taos First Baptist Church

The Dispensation of the Law

In the continuing “Understanding Dispensations” series, this week we will learn about the Dispensation of Law.

This dispensation is one of the most clearly distinguished of all dispensations as to its beginnings (we know the very date on which it began). However, its conclusion is one of the most hotly debated topics of theology. Are we still under all the Law, some of the Law, or none of the Law? When did the transition occur that brought us to whatever freedom from the Law is ours? These are the topics of this Bible study.

Join us in-person or online Wednesday, January 6, at 6:00 PM. A fellowship meal is available in the Fellowship Hall at 5:15 PM. The Bible Study is held in the auditorium. Everyone is welcome.

For previous sessions of this series, use the viewer below.