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The Book of Jude: Defending the Faith - Taos First Baptist Church

The Book of Jude: Defending the Faith

The New Testament book of Jude is a short book – only 1 chapter with 25 verses. Yet it is also a book filled with instruction and insight.

On Sunday mornings at 9:45, our pastor is teaching the book of Jude, verse-by-verse. The sessions take place in the auditorium, and everyone is invited.

Around the year 66 AD, a disciple named Jude began to see signs of the apostasy that Paul had warned about. He wrote a short letter to his fellow Jewish believers, encouraging them to earnestly contend for the faith. His instruction is valid today, and his warnings should be studied by every believer.

If you are unable to join in the live study, this session will be broadcast online, available live or in the archives. Click here for the broadcast page.

Previous sessions on YouTube: