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The Alabaster of Perfume - Taos First Baptist Church

The Alabaster of Perfume

In John 12:1-11, a woman named Mary poured an expensive vial of perfume on the feet of Jesus. This act of extravagance started a firestorm in the heart of Judas, the betrayer.

On Sunday, January 17, the Sunday sermon will be over this text of Scripture. From this text, we can find several very practical applications.  First, we will discover “how to spot a bogus argument.” Or, if the shoe fits, “how to argue effectively.” We will learn something that Judas did that is a tell-tale sign of a bogus argument. This will help us be discerning Christians. Second, we will learn about caring for the poor, and whether poverty initiatives should always be a top priority.

The service begins at 10:45 AM. Join us in person, or, if you are unable to attend in person, watch our LiveStream broadcast below. The LiveStream will begin at approximately 11:15 AM Mountain time.