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Six Things You Need to Know About the End Times - Taos First Baptist Church

Six Things You Need to Know About the End Times

What’s coming in the future? This is something everyone wants to know.

For the most part, the future is a mystery. Will we be healthy or sick? Wealthy or poor? Will it rain or shine? The predictions for the future vary wildly, and, for the most part, we don’t have any idea. But, there are some things that God has revealed in the Bible that we know will happen in the future, even though we may not now when.

For six Sunday’s, Dr. Randy White will be teaching on the end times.

Here is the schedule:

  • October 2 – The Rapture
  • October 9 – The Tribulation
  • October 16 – The Second Coming
  • October 23 – The Judgment of the Nations
  • October 30 – The Millennium
  • November 6 – The New Heaven and New Earth

Each sermon will be in the 10:45 AM service at Taos First Baptist Church. Everyone is welcome. This is a great time to learn Biblical prophecy and gain from the comfort of knowing what the future holds.