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Taos Prophecy Conference 2023 - Taos First Baptist Church

Taos Prophecy Conference 2023

Behind the Parchment

Truth in Ink or Inked Truths?

The Pursuit of Truth in Biblical Manuscripts

In the midst of established scholarly traditions, a distinctive voice emerges this September 22-24, 2023, with “Behind the Parchment.” While many in the academic sphere might not align with its approach, Dr. Randy White remains unyielding in his pursuit of challenging and scrutinizing the bedrock of biblical manuscripts. His inclination to question deeply-rooted assumptions, combined with a discernible skepticism of modern biblical versions, promises a conference that will undoubtedly spark discussion, if not controversy.

Dr. White’s objective is simple yet profound: to examine whether the flood of modern translations stand on a foundation of authenticity or misconception. In an era where the majority extol the Critical Texts, especially the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, as veritable treasures of antiquity, Dr. White urges participants to consider: Are these manuscripts genuinely as ancient as believed, or might they be lacking the heralded scholarly credibility?

Conference Overview & Session Objectives:

  • Session 1: Introduction & Context Setting (Friday Night – 6:00 PM) Objective: Offer a robust historical backdrop of early manuscripts, emphasizing their significance and unveiling the critical personas of Simonides and Tischendorf.
  • Session 2: Tischendorf & the Discovery of Sinaiticus (Friday Night – 7:45 PM) Objective: Navigate through the life and intentions of Tischendorf, the individual responsible for bringing Sinaiticus to prominence.
  • Session 3: Simonides’ Claims & Controversies (Saturday Morning – 9:00 AM) Objective: Shed light on the enigmatic figure of Simonides, his audacious authorship claim of Sinaiticus, and the ripple of controversies that followed.
  • Session 4: Forensic Examination of Vaticanus & Sinaiticus (Saturday Morning – 10:45 AM) Objective: Harness modern forensic methodologies to scrutinize the authenticity and unique attributes of both the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus.
  • Session 5: The Septuagint Under the Microscope (Sunday Morning – 9:45 AM) Objective: Intensively investigate the Septuagint, its origins, and how it contrasts against recognized Hebrew scriptures.
  • Session 6: Concluding Contemplations: Implications & Counterarguments (Sunday Morning – 10:45 AM) Objective: Reflect upon the broader ramifications of the conference’s discoveries, entertain counterarguments, and guide participants towards a nuanced understanding of the biblical texts.

“Behind the Parchment” promises an exploration steeped in discernment and dedication. While it may challenge convention, it beckons all who seek a deeper understanding of the texts that have profoundly reshaped the Christian landscape in the modern world.

The event is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 22-24, 2023. For more information, call 575-758-3354.

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Love Offering

We will take an offering that will be used in the “Kitchen Fund” of Taos FBC. Our 60 year old kitchen is in need of some updating for the thousands of meals we serve each year. Your generosity is appreciated.

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