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Lighting the Luminarias - Wednesday Night - Taos First Baptist Church

Lighting the Luminarias – Wednesday Night

This week we will be discontinuing our regular Wednesday Night Bible Study (we’ll be back to it after the New Year, as Pastor Randy continues leading us through his series on Understanding Dispensations!)

But do not despair!  This week , we will be gathering together in a different kind of fellowship, as we light the luminarias (or farolitos, if you prefer) on Taos Plaza.  Join us at the plaza at 4:00p, Wednesday evening (tomorrow!), and we will light the candles, sing a carol or two, and then return to the fellowship  for homemade chili and cornbread by 5:15pm.  And if you can’t make it at 4:00, or if you just don’t want to stand out in the cold for an hour, please join us for dinner anyway, no one will think any less of you!  

Dress warmly, as temperatures are expected to be in the low 30’s, with a chance of snow, either on the ground or in the air (maybe even both).  Expect a time of fun and fellowship, and be prepared for outreach opportunities as they present themselves. All are welcome: invite your friends, family, co-workers, random strangers.  Come one, come all!