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June Missions: Marius Chende - Taos First Baptist Church

June Missions: Marius Chende

June Missions

Romanian Pastor Marius Chende


Marius & Daniela Chende
Marius & Daniela Chende

Each month, Taos First Baptist Church has a missions focus. When you give a weekly or monthly gift to missions, it goes to support these worthy projects and missionaries.

During the month of June, we are supporting Pastor Marius Chende of Romania.

Pastor Marius serves at two village churches in Romania: Emanuel Baptist Church in Cuceu and Golgotha Baptist Church in Popeni.   Marius explains, “I preach in both churches every Sunday and Friday. On the first and last Sunday morning of each month I am in Cuceu and the second and third Sunday morning I am in Popeni. For the evening services, I preach in both churches every Sunday afternoon. Every Friday evening we have our weekly prayer meeting.”

Marius lives in the city of Jibou, with his parents, sister, and his wife, Daniela. He grew up in Jebou, which is centrally located between Cuceu and Popeni. However, he and Daniela have bought a house in Cuceu and plan to move there when they can make renovations to the old village home.

Emanuel Baptist in  Cuceu is almost 100 years old,

Emanuel Baptist Church in Cuceu, Romania
Emanuel Baptist Church in Cuceu, Romania

having been planted before the communist regime in Romania in 1922.  The church in Popeni is around 30 years and was planted by the church in Cuceu. Both of these churches experienced great persecution during the days of communism, and every member has stories of God’s providential care through those dark days.




Marius asks us to pray for him concerning these needs:

  • Golgotha Baptist Church in Popeni, Romania
    Golgotha Baptist Church in Popeni, Romania

    Pray for a good testimony and power to live the Christian life the way God wants me and my wife to live;

  • Pray for the courage to confront sin in every aspect and to stay by the truth no matter how big the price;
  • Pray for wisdom to preach the Bible as the inerrant and  verbally inspired word of God;
  • Pray for me as a leader and pastor of the church, to have His vision for the path and content of my ministry and in guidance of his church;
  • Pray for a desire to constantly grow in my knowledge of His word and the ability to be entrusted more and more with God’s ministry in Romania;
  • Pray for me to be a pastor that grows disciples, not in my image but in Jesus’s image.

How Your Support Helps


The congregation at Popeni, in worship.
The congregation at Popeni, in worship.

The average salary of a Romanian Pastor is less than $500 per month. Supporting Marius is a bargain compared to the cost of a US Missionary.

Marius is a graduate of the Romanian Baptist Seminary and is working on a Masters degree at Emanuel University in Oradea, a school that was started by the Emanuel Baptist Church as an underground Bible institute during the days of communism. Today it is the only government accredited evangelical university in Europe.

By supporting Marius and Daniela, you are spreading the Gospel in two villages in Romania that otherwise have no church sharing the saving message of Jesus Christ.


How To Give

You can give an offering marked “Missions” in the offering plate on Sunday. If you are writing a check for the general budget AND missions, just note it on the envelope or on the memo area of your check.

You can also give online, one-time or recurring. To give online, click here.

Communicate with Marius

To contact Marius directly: