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Bible Study on the Book of Hebrews - Taos First Baptist Church

Bible Study on the Book of Hebrews

The New Testament book of Hebrews is one of the richest books in the New Testament, with several of our most favorite and encouraging Scriptures. However, the book is also filled with difficult passages and mysterious warnings. Some have even made such false conclusions from the book that it could be considered heresy.

Beginning February 7 and continuing through summer, Dr. Randy White will be teaching Hebrews verse-by-verse. His fresh perspective on this book will give you new insight into the purpose of the book, which will shed light on the passages within the book.

The Bible Study class is held from 9:45-10:30 AM each Sunday morning in the main auditorium, and guests are welcome. Each lesson will stand alone, so please come even if you have missed previous sessions or cannot make the entire series.

The series will also be broadcast on LiveStream and archived both on LiveStream and YouTube.

YouTube Archives: