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What to Expect at Taos First Baptist - Taos First Baptist Church

What to Expect at Taos First Baptist

When you come to our church, we’ll be friendly and happy to see you.

We don’t really care how you’re dressed or what you look like, whether you have money or are broke, if you’re a Ph.D. or don’t even have a G.E.D. We’re just a family, from all walks of life.

In all our services and Bible studies, the preaching and teaching of the Bible will be the most important aspect of the service. Our preacher will teach the Bible verse-by-verse in most cases. In our Sunday morning worship service in the main auditorium, we’ll have coffee available in the back, we’ll sing a few songs, make a few announcements, make you feel welcome with our new friends, and the preacher will open the Bible and teach.

We have an opportunity at the end of the service for those who want to express a spiritual commitment to the congregation to do so, but there is never any pressure. After the service, members often go eat together in small groups (and on the 2nd Sunday of the month we have a lunch in the fellowship hall!)

Our offerings are received in a box near the entrance. We don’t expect a certain amount or percentage of giving, but believe that every person should give according to his or her own desire (2 Corinthians 9:7).

Our music will vary from an old hymn to a newer praise song, but music won’t drive our services. Music is led by volunteers who love the Lord, but they are not music professionals. We sing from the heart, not for show.

Taos First Baptist desires to be a loving, nimble, “ready-to-go” church. We don’t want to complicate “church.” We want to be a family, ready to serve the Lord wherever there is opportunity.

We would love for you to come anytime! Attendance and participation in all our ministries is open to anyone. Membership and leadership is open to those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, who are baptized (or willing to be baptized), and who agree with our doctrinal convictions.