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About us - Taos First Baptist Church

About us

First Baptist Church of Taos, New Mexico was founded in 1934 as a small band of believers wanting to reach the Taos area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over 80 years later, our passion has not changed, nor has the Word of God that we are so passionate about teaching.
Located in the heart of historic Taos, we’re easy to find! Just north of the historic plaza, look for our adobe church at 220 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, just across the street from People’s Bank. To meet our Pastor, click here.
Our church is unique among many modern churches in that we reject much of what “church” has become today. For example–
  • We are not driven by music, but by the teaching of the Word.
  • We are not enamored with size, but want to minister to anyone who comes in the doors. If we are small, we are as content as if we are large.
  • We are not impressed with “excellence.” We think that much of the talk about excellence has just resulted in churches putting on a well-crafted show. We just want to be family–loving each other, growing in the Lord, and serving in our community.
  • We don’t think we can “advance the Kingdom.” We think the Kingdom of God will come when the King comes. In the mean time, our job is to be faithful with the message of grace.
  • We don’t have a long list of “don’ts,” because a grocery list of “thou shalt not’s” doesn’t lead one to spiritual growth. We just teach the Bible, as written, and let it be our only guide for living.
  • We don’t talk about money unless the verses we are teaching are about money. We have a box at the back of the church, and you can put in it whatever you desire, whenever you desire.
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